Available in stores and   online   now! (April 2018)

Available in stores and online now! (April 2018)

Emma and Muse

Emma loves art, and everything she crafts is inspired by her scruffy dog, Muse. But creativity soon goes awry when Muse alters Emma’s latest masterpiece; Emma is furious and Muse flees the scene. With no Muse in sight, Emma loses her creative spark and best friend. What will it take to win back her beloved Muse?

Please grab a copy and find out!

“Subtly educational and definitely amusing.” - Kirkus Reviews

“Creative, art-loving kiddos will especially appreciate this cheery story about friendship.”- Booklist Online


Teaching Tools

Emma & Muse Artist Fact Cards

Simply download and print out for a quick art history lesson, and try to spot all of the paintings which are scattered through the book! Art lesson activity also included.