About Nancy lemon

My love affair with art and drawing began when I realized what cartoons were.  My dad would share the newspaper comics with me, and eventually would hand them over everyday after he was through reading the paper. (He would also tell me, giggling, which ones were truly the funniest of the day. I love that man.)  

In trying to copy newspaper comics and the cartoon characters on my school folders (Garfield, Snoopy, and the like), I taught myself to draw.  As I got older, I started creating my own characters, and have never really stopped.

Today I am a freelance illustrator living in Charleston, SC, where there are plenty of characters to draw. My materials include colored pencils, watercolor, gouache, pen and ink, and digital. For commissions, freelance projects, questions or to say “hello” please contact me using the form below.

I am represented by Teresa Kietlinski of Bookmark Literary. Please contact teresa@bookmarklitery.com for all children's book project.